Detailed overview: conductors in 1976

Below, a list of all conductors that conducted the orchestra in the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest.

Musical director: Jan Stulen

 Country Title Artist Conductor 
 United Kingdom   Save your kisses for me   Brotherhood of Man   Alyn Ainsworth 
 Switzerland   Djambo Djambo   Peter, Sue & Marc   Mario Robbiani 
 Germany   Sing, sang, song   Les Humphries Singers   Les Humphries 
 Israel   Emor shalom   Chocolate, Menta, Mastik   Matti Caspi 
 Luxembourg   Chansons pour ceux qui s'aiment   Jürgen Marcus   Jo Plée 
 Belgium   Judy et cie.   Pierre Rapsat   Michel Bernholc 
 Ireland   When   Red Hurley   Noel Kelehan 
 Netherlands   The party is over   Sandra Reemer   Harry van Hoof 
 Norway   Mata Hari   Anne-Karine Strøm   Frode Thingnæs 
 Greece   Panaghia mou, panaghia mou   Mariza Koch   Michael Rozakis 
 Finland   Pump-pump   Fredi & The Friends   Ossi Runne 
 Spain   Sobran las palabras   Braulio   Joan Barcons 
 Italy   We'll live it all again   Al Bano & Romina Power   Maurizio Fabrizio 
 Austria   My little world   Waterloo & Robinson   Erich Kleinschuster 
 Portugal   Uma flor de verde pinho   Carlos do Carmo   Thilo Krasmann 
 Monaco   Toi, la musique et moi   Mary Cristy   Raymond Donnez 
 France   Un, deux, trois   Catherine Ferry   Tony Rallo 
 Yugoslavia   Ne mogu skriti svoju bol   Ambasadori   Esad Arnautalić