Michel Bernholc

Born: July 10th, 1941, Paris (France)
Died: June 5th, 2002, Montreuil (France)
Nationality: French

In the 1970s and 1980s, pianist Michel Bernholc worked as an arranger in the recording studio for artists such as Mort Shuman, Michel Delpech, Matioszek, Gérard Lenorman, and Yves Duteil. Hit records with an orchestration written by him include ‘This melody’ by Julien Clerc and ‘En chantant’ by Michel Sardou. He composed the music to Patrice Leconte’s cult film ‘Les bronzes’ (1978) and arranged the music of TV series such as ‘Magny’ (1985) and Jean-Jacques Debout’s 1992 musical comedy ‘Paul et Virginie’.

Michel Bernholc participated in the Eurovision Song Contest as an arranger/conductor on four occasions and is responsible for some of the best orchestrations ever made in the contest, namely those of ‘Judy et cie.’, with which Pierre Rapsat represented Belgium in 1976 and ‘Femme dans ses rêves aussi’, performed by Roger Bens in 1985 for France. In 1983, Bernholc was part of the winning team behind Corinne Hermès victory for Luxembourg with ‘Si la vie est cadeau’. Bernholc’s last participation was in 1995, when he conducted the French entry ‘Il me donne rendez-vous’, performed by Nathalie Santamaria (4th place).

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Songs conducted
1976: Judy et cie.
1983: Si la vie est cadeau
1985: Femme dans ses rêves aussi
1995: Il me donne rendez-vous