Joan Barcons

Born: February 10th, 1942, Barcelona (Spain)
Died: January 20th, 2020, Mataró (Spain)
Nationality: Spanish

Joan Barcons Moreno’s most important claim to fame is the fact that he is co-credited for the reworked French version of Spanish Eurovision winner ‘Vivo cantando’ (1969); this folk version was sung by Rika ZaraÏ and was a major hit in several European countries. As a studio arranger, he worked for Belter; later, he set up an independent recording studio in Barcelona. He wrote orchestrations for Peret, Manolo Escobar, Braulio, and Los Nins. Barcons also wrote film soundtracks and, later in his career, conducted the Barcelona Municipal Conservatory choir.

Joan Barcons arranged and conducted two Spanish Eurovision entries: ‘Sobran las palabras’, sung by Braulio in 1976 (16th place); and ‘Y solo tú’, sung by Bacchelli in 1981 (14th place).

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Songs conducted
1976: Sobran las palabras
1981: Y sólo tú