Matti Caspi (מתי כספי‎)

Born: November 30th, 1949, Kibbutz Hanita (Israel)
Nationality: Israeli

Matti Caspi studied the piano at the Nahariya Conservatory. During his army service, he formed his first music group, The Three Fat Men (later renamed The They Don’t Care Trio). During the Yom Kippur War (1973), he toured army bases to cheer up the soldiers with his music, along with – amongst others – Leonard Cohen. In the years after, Caspi developed into a singer-songwriter, who, over the years, has released many albums. At the same time, Matti Caspi composed songs for other artists, such as Yehudit Ravitz, Shlomo Gronich, and, more recently, Riki Gal. Many of his compositions were written in collaboration with lyricist Ehud Manor.

Matti Caspi wrote a bouncy pop song called ‘Emor shalom’ (lyrics: Ehud Manor), with which female singing trio Chocolata, Menta, Mastik represented Israel in the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest in The Hague. Caspi had arranged the music to the song himself and conducted the Metropole Orchestra in the international final. ‘Emor shalom’ finished sixth among eighteen competing entries.

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Songs conducted
1976: Emor shalom