Frede Ewert

Born: 1954 or 1955
Nationality: Danish

Pianist Frede Ewert is a graduate of Copenhagen’s Music Conservatory. As a studio musician, he worked with several of Denmark’s most popular artists, such as Hanne Boel. He was a member of a Joni Mitchell revival band which released two albums. Ewert wrote music for radio and television as well as film scores.

In 1995, Ewert was the musical director of the Danish Eurovision pre-selection, leading the DR Musik Event Pop Orkester. Subsequently, he also conducted the winning song of the Danish heats, ‘Fra Mols til Skagen’ by singer Aud Wilken, in the Eurovision Song Contest final in Dublin. The idiosyncratic song, with the banjo dominating the minimalist instrumentation, pleased the juries and finished fifth.

In due course, a more extensive biography of Frede Ewert will be published on this website


Songs conducted
1995: Fra Mols til Skagen