Anders Ekdahl

Born: November 13th, 1943, Västra Skrävlinge, Malmö (Sweden)
Nationality: Swedish

Anders Ekdahl composed songs for many different Swedish artists, including Jan Malmsjö, Lill Lindfors, and Lill-Babs. As an arranger, he worked with Fred Åkerström and Anna Sise. He wrote several songs for the Swedish version of Sesame Street, in which he appeared a couple of times himself playing the role of the resident pianist Mozart Gustafsson.

Anders Ekdahl was only involved in one Swedish preselection, namely that in 1983. The heats were held in the Palladium in Malmö; Ekdahl was the show’s musical director and conducted all ten entries by, amongst others, Karin Glenmark and Kikki Danielsson. He accompanied the winner, Carola and her ‘Främling’ (composed by Lasse Holm, arranged by Lennart Sjöholm), to the international final, where he conducted the orchestra. The Swedish song came third and was a chart success in several European countries.

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Songs conducted
1983: Främling