Pepe Ederer

Born: March 21st, 1932, Wald-Rossbach (Germany)
Died: January 4th, 2020, Switzerland
Nationality: German

Josef ‘Pepe’ Ederer was part of the Schlager trio The Nilsen Brothers, who were catapulted to fame in 1959 after a successful participation in a Bavaria talent show and a subsequent record deal, which resulted in a monster hit with the German version of ‘Tom Dooley’. Ederer himself wrote most of the group’s repertoire, including their biggest success, ‘Aber dich gibt’s nur einmal für mich’, which, in a 2003 poll, was chosen of the best German popular song of all time. Ederer penned songs for several other artists as well, including Monica Morell from Switzerland. In the late 1970s, he was producer of Missa Disco. In 2005, a new Nilsen Brothers were formed, with Ederer as only remaining original member in it.

Pepe Ederer wrote, composed, arranged, and conducted the 1974 Swiss Eurovision entry ‘Mein Ruf nach Dir’, which was sung by Piera Martell. In the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, this ballad scored three points and tied for last place with Portugal, West Germany, and Norway.

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Songs conducted
1974: Mein Ruf nach Dir