Sinan Alimanović

Born: February 11th, 1954, Leskovac (Yugoslavia, nowadays Serbia)
Nationality: Bosnian

Sinan Alimanović is a pianist, composer, arranger, and conductor who studied at music academies in Skopje, Pristina, and Sarajevo. Whilst playing in pop bands, he was the pianist of the RTV Pristina Show Orchestra in the 1970s. In 1979, he moved to Sarajevo, where he was integrated in the RTV Sarajevo Orchestra. In 1990, he became the chief conductor of the RTV Sarajevo Big Band. Alimanović worked with many other ensembles, including the EBU Public Jazz Orchestra and his own Sinan Alimanović Quintet. He performed with important jazz musicians, such as Ladislav Fidri, Erich Kleinschuster, Stjepko Gut, and Petar Ugrin. As a composer, he writes bebop, inspired by traditional Balkan sounds; moreover, he wrote countless big band arrangements. In 1994, he became the manager of music production for RTV Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Due to the siege of Sarajevo in 1993, Sinan Alimanović was not able to travel along with the first representatives of the independent Bosnia & Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest, Fazla with ‘Sva bol svijeta’; in the Eastern European qualifying round, it was conducted by Esad Arnautalić , while in the international final Irish host MD Noel Kelehan conducted the orchestra for Bosnia, wearing a tie brought along by the Bosnian delegation. In 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997, Alimanović was involved in both arranging (or at least co-arranging) and conducting the Bosnian entries ‘Ostani kraj mene’ (sung by Alma & Dejan), ‘Dvadaset i prvi vijek’ (by Davor Popović), ‘Za našu ljubav’ (by Amila Glamočak), and ‘Goodbye’ (by Alma Čardzić). He was co-composer of all songs except the 1994 entry.

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Songs conducted
1994: Ostani kraj mene
1995: Dvadeset i prvi vijek
1996: Za našu ljubav
1997: Goodbye