Valeriano Chiaravalle

Born: April 2nd, 1973, Milan (Italy)
Nationality: Italian

Milan-based pianist, composer, and arranger Valeriano Chiaravalle entered the music business at a very tender age, being credited for programming and arranging Wayra’s album ‘Maja andina’ in 1990. As a studio arranger, he worked with Marianna Cataldi, Gisella, Sandro Comini, and Cristina D’Avena. In 1999, he composed and conducted Arianna’s Sanremo entry ‘C’è che ti amo’, which finished fourth in the competition for young artists. He composes music for radio and television programmes and wrote the arrangements to the musicals ‘Il mago di Oz’, ‘Victor Victoria’, and ‘Il mondo di Annah’.

Although he had barely left his adolescence years in 1994, he arranged and conducted that year’s Swiss Eurovision entry ‘Sto pregando’, composed by his fellow-Italian Giuseppe Scaramella and sung by Duilio. This Swiss effort finished twentieth amongst twenty-five competing acts.

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Songs conducted
1994: Sto pregando