Bert Candries

Born: April 6th, 1961, Anderlecht, Brussels (Belgium)
Nationality: Belgian

Since 1983, guitarist Bert Candries has been a professional musician. As an instrumentalist, he played on studio recordings for Raymond van het Groenewoud, Soulsister, The Radio’s, and Clouseau, while he has been part of Johan Verminnen’s accompanying band since ’88. Candries performed in concerts with B.J. Scott, Polizei, Jean Bosco Safari, and the BRT Jazz Orchestra. He went on international tours with Demis Roussos and Francis Goya. In 1994, he opened his recording studio, meanwhile working as a composer, arranger, and producer for many Flemish artists, including Connie Neefs, Yasmine, and Dana Winner. Candries played the bass guitar in various TV variety show bands, including for ‘Het Swingpaleis’. He founded a world music label, Etna, and produced releases with artists from Togo, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Paraguay.

In 1993, Bert Candries was the musical director of the Belgian pre-selection final, conducting all entries, with Bart Herman, Lisa Del Bo, and Mieke among the competing artists. Candries travelled to Millstreet, Ireland, where he conducted the orchestra for the winner of these Belgian heats, Barbara with her sweet ballad ‘Iemand als jij’. Quite undeservedly, Belgium finished last with a mere three points scored.

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Songs conducted
1993: Iemand als jij