Allan Botschinsky

Born: March 29th, 1940, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Died: November 26th, 2020
Nationality: Danish

Allan Botschinsky, one of the world’s most famous jazz trumpeters and flugelhorn players, studied at the Royal Danish Conservatory (1953-1955) and the Manhattan School of Music (1963). From the late 1960s until the early 1980s, he worked for DR, the Danish public broadcaster, and its big band as an instrumentalist, arranger, and conductor. In 1985, he moved to Hamburg (West Germany), where he worked with the Peter Herbolzheimer Big Band and founded a record label, M.A. Music, for which he arranged and produced music of other artists. Botschinsky composed symphonic pieces such as ‘Dronning Dagmar Patchwork’ and ‘Tumus’.

Between 1979 and 1983, Allan Botschinsky conducted all Danish entries in the Eurovision Song Contest. These include ‘Disco tango’ and ‘Krøller eller ej’, the two first attempts in the festival by Tommy Seebach (1979 and 1981). ‘Disco tango’ finished sixth, the best result of the five entries in which Botschinsky was involved.

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Songs conducted
1979: Disco tango
1980: Tænker altid på dig
1981: Krøller eller ej
1982: Video-video
1983: Kloden drejer