Dieter Zimmermann

Born: December 1st, 1943, Buckow (Germany)
Died: October 2nd, 1978, Munich (West Germany, nowadays: Germany)
Nationality: German

From the late 1960s onwards, Dieter Zimmermann worked as a composer, arranger, and record producer. In 1968, he tried to help young Agnetha Fältskog (later one of the members of ABBA) force her way into the West German music market; later, she was his fiancée for a short time. His main success as an arranger came in 1971 with ‘Ein Mädchen für immer’ by Peter Orloff. He composed songs for Juliane Werding and Marianne Rosenberg and was Costa Cordalis’ producer. In the late 1970s, he was one of the main record producers in West Germany of disco music.

In 1971, Zimmermann composed and arranged ‘Diese Welt’, which was sung by Katja Ebstein and won the West German Eurovision preselection that year. Although in the German heats the song had been conducted by HR Orchestra leader Willy Berking, Zimmermann himself led the orchestra during the international final in Dublin, where West Germany came third behind Monaco and Spain.

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Songs conducted
1971: Diese Welt