Roland Verlooven

Born: March 3rd, 1938, Ghent (Belgium)
Died: November 1st, 2017, Keerbergen (Belgium)
Nationality: Belgian

Since the late 1960s, Roland Verlooven (often working under his pseudonym Armath) has been one of the most productive songwriters, arrangers, and producers of Dutch-language pop repertoire in Belgium. He composed Willy Sommer’s 1971 monster hit ‘Zeven anjers, zeven rozen’ and has been the singer’s producer since 1970. Other singers and acts he produced include Bart Kaëll, Zjef Vanuytsel, Mama’s Jasje, Get Ready, and Stef Bos. He wrote songs for Le Grand Jojo, Ivan Heylen, Helmut Lotti, and many more. Verlooven specialized in children’s music (e.g. Samson & Gert) and novelty records, including producing the club anthem of football team FC Bruges.

Roland Verlooven was the producer of both Ingeborg and Clouseau in the late 1980s and early 1990s, which meant he was the logical choice to pen the arrangements to their respective Eurovision participations ‘Door de wind’ (1989) and ‘Geef het op’ (1991). In 1991, Verlooven conducted the orchestra for Clouseau in Rome, which he had not done two years before, because Freddy Sunder had been the musical director of the 1989 preselection in Belgium and thus was the Flemish broadcaster’s choice for the job in Lausanne.

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Songs conducted
1991: Geef het op