Magdi Vasco Noverraz

Nationality: French

Magdi Vasco Noverraz is a pianist and keyboardist from Martinique, French Antilles. As a session musician, he worked on records with other artists from his island: T’zao, Max Ransay, and Operation 96. For the singer Tanagra, he wrote many of the arrangement. He has been a founding member of the Madinina Music Club, a project of a large group of musicians from Martinique who aim to produce music in the Creole language on Caribbean rhythms. Their album ‘Mizik tout’ koulè (Karaïb rock)’ was recorded in Havana, Cuba.

Magdi Vasco Noverraz was the conductor of the 1992 French Eurovision entry, ‘Monté la riviè’, sung by Kali, another musician from Martinique, who regularly worked with Noverraz before. A string arrangement was added to the typically Caribbean sounds of Kali’s band.

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Songs conducted
1992: Monté la riviè