Miguel Ángel Varona

Born: December 11th, 1943, Medina de Pomar (Spain)
Nationality: Spanish

Miguel Ángel Varona is an accordionist, producer, and arranger. In the 1970s and 1980s, he wrote orchestrations for Mexican star singer José José, as well as for María Jimenez, Los Calis, and Cuatro Bajo Cero. He often collaborated with composer and producer Francisco ‘Paco’ Cepero.

In 1982, Spain was represented in the Eurovision Song Contest by Lúcia and her song ‘El’, composed by Paco Cepero with lyrics by Ignacio Román. Miguel Ángel Varona wrote the arrangements and conducted the BBC Orchestra. Eight years later, Varona had a share in the song ‘Bandido’ by Azúcar Moreno, representing Spain in the 1990 contest. Although the live orchestration as well as the conducting was done by Eduardo Leiva, Varona arranged the far more up-beat studio version of the song and took care of the keyboard programming.

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Songs conducted
1982: Él