Onno Tunç

Born: December 20th, 1948, Istanbul (Turkey)
Died: January 14th, 1996, Armutlu (Turkey)
Nationality: Turkish

Onno Tunç (pseudonym of Ohannes Tunçboyacıyan) was born into a Turkish-Armenian family. Practically autodidact, he learnt himself to play several music instruments (guitar, bass, contrabass, piano, keyboards). Tunç composed nearly two hundred songs for many different artists, most prominently Sezen Aksu. Tunç composed a classical symphony, ‘Su’, which was first performed by the Istanbul Symphony Orchestra. Onno Tunç died in a plane crash.

In 1978, Onno Tunç was one of the three songwriters of ‘Sevince’, which was performed by Nazar in the contest held in Paris; it was Turkey’s second attempt at Eurovision glory, but the song finished second-last. Tunç wrote the orchestration and conducted the orchestra. Three years later, he wrote the orchestration to ‘Dönme dolap’, the 1981 Turkish Eurovision entry, composed by Ali Kocatepe and performed by Modern Folk Trio & Aysegül. Tunç again conducted the orchestra, this time in Dublin. Like in 1978, the Turkish song finished eighteenth.

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Songs conducted
1978: Sevinçe
1981: Dönme dolap