Marc Sorrentino

Born: 1961
Nationality: Swiss

Marc Sorrentino is the owner of Silver Street Productions and Studio Nuance, based in Meinier, Switzerland. He produced albums of Danny Chester, Leal, Sonia Grimm, and Saul, and music recorded in Meinier was released in France, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Japan, Cuba, Canada, and Latin America.

In 1993, Switzerland was represented in the Eurovision Song Contest by Annie Cotton, a francophone Canadian singer, with a magnificent ballad by Jean-Jacques Egli and Christophe Duc, ‘Moi, tout simplement’. The arrangement was written by Benoît Kaufman, but Cotton’s producer Marc Sorrentino conducted the orchestra in the final, held in Millstreet. Annie Cotton obtained a third place.

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Songs conducted
1993: Moi, tout simplement