Timur Selçuk

Born: July 2nd, 1946, Istanbul (Turkey)
Died: November 6th, 2020, Istanbul (Turkey)
Nationality: Turkish

Born the son of neo-classical composer Münir Nurettin Selçuk, Timur Selçuk was destined for a career in music. He learnt to play the piano as a child and studied at the Istanbul Municipality Conservatory as well as the École Normale de Musique in Paris. Back in Turkey, Selçuk became a popular singer-songwriter, recording politically critical songs which were popular in certain circles in Turkey. He composed the music to films and theatre performances. In 1994 and 2003, he won awards for his music scores to Turkish movies. Selçuk is the founder and conductor of the Istanbul Chamber Orchestra.

Timur Selçuk was not involved in either composing or arranging the first Turkish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest (‘Seninle bir dakika’ by Semiha Yankı), but he was asked to conduct the orchestra in Stockholm nevertheless; the song, with an orchestration by Tony Rallo from France, came last. In 1989, Selçuk returned to the contest as the composer, lyricist, and arranger of the Turkish entry, ‘Bana bana’ by Pan, a vocal quartet which included his daughter Hazal. This song, with clear references to traditional Turkish music in the orchestration, was conducted in a most spectacular way by Selçuk. Although the Turkish effort was received to an impressive applause by the Swiss audience, it only picked up four points and a second-last (21st) place.

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Songs conducted
1975: Seninle bir dakika
1989: Bana bana