Peter Reber

Born: April 28th, 1949, Bern (Switzerland)
Nationality: Swiss

Peter Reber studied the piano as well as psychology in Bern. With Susan Schell and Marc Dietrich, he founded the group Peter, Sue & Marc in 1970. Until the group was dissolved in 1981, it had many hit records in Switzerland. Reber composed most of the material for the group and, moreover, was its producer and main arranger. He also composed songs for other artists, e.g. Paola Del Medico and Nana Mouskouri. At the World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo, he won the Outstanding Composition Award. In the 1980s, Reber started writing and singing songs in the Swiss-German dialect (such as ‘Jeder bruucht sy Insel’ and ‘Ufem Wäg nach Alaska’), which turned out to be enormously successful with the Swiss audience, to the point that he gave 99 concerts in 99 days.

Peter Reber composed no fewer than six songs in four different languages for the Eurovision Song Contest, of which he performed four himself with Peter, Sue & Marc: ‘Les illusions de nos vingt ans’ (1971), ‘Djambo, djambo’ (1976), ‘Trödler und co.’ (1979), and ‘Io senza te’ (1981). The 1976 and 1981 efforts both finished fourth, while ‘Io senza te’ also was an international hit and was covered in many languages. In 1977, Reber composed ‘Swiss lady’ for the Pepe Lienhard Band, which finished sixth. As a conductor, he appeared in the 1980 contest in The Hague, leading the orchestra during the rendition of his self-penned song ‘Cinéma’, which was sung by Paola Del Medico and finished fourth.

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Songs conducted
1980: Cinéma