Enrico Polito

Born: 1929, Reggio di Calabria (Italy)
Died: March 19th, 1998, Rome (Italy)
Nationality: Italian

In the late 1950s, Enrico Polito was the personal pianist of Domenico Modugno, for whom he also wrote a couple of songs. As a singer, Polito made his mark with songs like ‘Dalla mia finestra’ (1962). Later, he focused on composing for other artists, including Mina, Rita Pavone, and Ornella Vanoni. He wrote more than 300 songs. Polito is best-known for writing almost all repertoire in the early years of the career of Massimo Ranieri, including ‘Rose rosse’ and ‘Erba di casa mia’; Polito’s writing partners usually were fellow-composer Gaetano Savio and lyricist Giancarlo Bigazzi. Polito participated as a conductor in the 1967 Sanremo Festival.

Massimo Ranieri participated twice in the Eurovision Song Contest for Italy with a song by the troika Polito-Savio-Bigazzi, and on both occasions, the orchestra was conducted by Enrico Polito. In 1971, ‘L’amore è un attimo’ came fifth; two years later, ‘Chi sarà con te’ obtained a thirteenth place.

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Songs conducted
1971: L'amore è un attimo
1973: Chi sarà con te