George Niarchos (Γιώργος Νιάρχος)

Born: October 24th, 1947, Athens (Greece)
Nationality: Greek

George Niarchos studied music theory as well as the piano at the Ethniko Odeio Academy, Athens. For ten years, he led the Light Music Orchestra of national broadcaster ERT. He composed and arranged music for well-known Greek artists, including Marinella, Antonis Politis, and Vicky Moscholiou. In the Thessaloniki Festival, he participated many times as a composer, arranger, and conductor. Moreover, he was the musical director of several musical theatre productions. Niarchos performed on stage with Mikis Theodorakis.

Together with singer Giannis Dimitras, Niarchos composed the beautiful Greek entry to the Eurovision Song Contest of 1981, ‘Feggari kalokairino’, a ballad which finished eight. Niarchos arranged the music and conducted the orchestra – something he did on two more occasions for Greek entries composed by others, ‘Stop’ (1987) and ‘To dikó sou astéri’ (1989).

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Songs conducted
1981: Feggari kalokerino
1987: Stop
1989: To dikó sou astéri