Hans Moeckel

Born: January 17th, 1921, Sankt-Gallen (Switzerland)
Died: October 6th, 1983, Zürich (Switzerland)
Nationality: Swiss

Hans Moeckel played saxophone and clarinet in various jazz ensembles in Sankt-Gallen before he studied the piano, music theory, and composition at the Zürich Conservatory. Upon his graduation, he became the conductor of the Sankt-Gallen Municipal Theatre. In 1947, he was contracted as an arranger by DRS (German-speaking Swiss broadcaster). In 1966, he succeeded Cédric Dumont as the conductor of the DRS orchestra, widely known as the Unterhaltungs-Orchester Beromünster. Moeckel had a penchant for brass-music and composed many pieces for wind band; moreover, he formed the Basel Radio Brass Band and conducted several brass bands, including the Basel Police Band. He wrote popular songs, film soundtracks, the music to radio dramas, and entire theatre musicals. In the last years of his life, Moeckel was a member of the teaching staff at the Zürich Conservatory.

Hans Moeckel conducted the 1967 Swiss entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, ‘Quel coeur vas-tu briser?’ The song has two different arrangements, by Bernard Kesslair and Leo Petit. Partly due to the fact that French vocalist Géraldine (Gogly) sang dramatically off-key, this Swiss entry did not score a single point and finished last in the contest held in Vienna.

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Songs conducted
1967: Quel cœur vas-tu briser?