Frank McNamara

Born: May 8th, 1960, Thurles (Ireland)
Nationality: Irish

Frank McNamara studied the piano and composition at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, whilst also spending some time at conservatories in London and Canada. In 1981, he successfully finished his music studies at Dublin’s Trinity College. His professional career had already started earlier, when he became the RTÉ Symphony Orchestra´s pianist. From 1979 onwards, he was the musical director of RTÉ’s highly popular Late Late Show. McNamara released solo records, but specialized in arranging and producing for other artists, including the Irish Tenors, LeAnn Rimes, and the American Tenors. In 1999, he was the producer and MD of the musical ‘Messiah XXI’, starring Roger Daltrey and Gladys Knight. The orchestras which he conducted as a guest, include the Boston Pops, the Baltimore Symphonic, and the Melbourne Symphonic. In 2007, running for the Progressive Democrats, McNamara tried to get elected for Irish parliament, but he was defeated in his constituency.

Frank McNamara can claim that he arranged two Irish winning Eurovision entries in two consecutive years: ‘Why me?’ (1992) and ‘In your eyes’ (1993), sung by Linda Martin and Niamh Kavanagh respectively; as a matter of course, both entries were conducted by Noel Kelehan. In 1994 and 1995, McNamara arranged and conducted the Icelandic entries ‘Nætur’ and ‘Núna’. In 1997, he jumped in as the musical director of the contest final held in Dublin, because Noel Kelehan was ill at that time.

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Songs conducted
1994: Nætur
1995: Núna

Musical director
1997: Dublin