Aimé Barelli

Born: May 1st, 1917, Lantosque (France)
Died: June 13th, 1995, Monaco
Nationality: French

From 1940 onwards, Aimé Barelli played the trumpet in many different orchestras, amongst others those of Raymond Legrand, Jerry Mengo, and Hubert Rostaing. In 1941, he made his first recording as a solo-trumpeter. After World War II, in Paris, he became a band leader of orchestras with which he accompanied all big names of French popular music; amongst the instrumentalists who played in Barelli’s ensembles, were Armand Migiani and André Jourdan. In 1949, Barelli performed on the Festival International de Jazz; in that same year, he settled in Monaco, where he regularly performed for an international audience. Aimé Barelli composed music for films and, in 1963, released an album entitled ‘Bossa Nova’, which he recorded with singer Peter Kraus. He was married to singer Lucienne Delyle.

Barelli and Delyle had one daughter, Minouche (1947-2004). In 1967, Serge Gainsbourg, who had won the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest as a composer with ‘Poupée de cire, poupée de son’, wrote a quite chaotic song for her, entitled ‘Boum badaboum’. For the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, it was arranged by Michel Colombier and André Borly. Aimé Barelli conducted the orchestra during Minouche’s festival performance.

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Songs conducted
1967: Boum-badaboum