Henry Mayer

Born: November 18th, 1925, Nuremberg (Germany)
Died: September 22nd, 1998
Nationality: German

Composer/arranger Henry Mayer (real name: Heinz Meier) composed some major hits, including ‘Sind Sie der Graf von Luxemburg?’ by Dorthe Kollo and ‘Memories of Heidelberg’ by Peggy March. He also penned the theme for TV series ‘The love boat’. His most famous song is no doubt Frank Sinatra’s 1965 recording ‘The summer wind’, a cover of an originally German song with new English lyrics by Johnny Mercer.

Henry Mayer composed, arranged, and conducted the Swiss entry in the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest, ‘Bonjour, bonjour’, which was sung by Paola del Medico; the lyrics were by Jack Stark. The song came fifth, immediately behind the four winning songs of that year (Netherlands, France, Spain, United Kingdom).

In due course, a more extensive biography of Henry Mayer will be published on this website


Songs conducted
1969: Bonjour, bonjour