Arne Lamberth

Born: October 13th, 1926, Mjölby (Sweden)
Died: November 21st, 1977, Hjärnarp (Sweden)
Nationality: Swedish

As a young boy, Arne Lamberth played the church organ in the village where he grew up and studied the violin, but he gave all of that up for the trumpet. He became a member of the Södermanlands Regemente military music band in Strängnäs. Just after the war, in 1946, he was contracted by ‘Valencia’, a restaurant-dancing in Copenhagen, to be a musician in their band. Lamberth stayed there for only three months, but he did not return to Sweden afterwards. He started working as a trumpet player for the Underholdningsorkester of Danish public broadcaster DR, which, from 1951 onwards, was under the baton of Kai Mortensen. Somewhat later, Lamberth started arranging and occasionally conducting this ensemble as well. Meanwhile, Lamberth recorded instrumentals which climbed the Danish charts, for example ‘Oh mein papa’ and ‘En natt i Moskva’. In the late 1960s, Lamberth decided to return to Sweden and worked as a music teacher at the Kungsgårdsskolan in Ängelholm until his untimely death.

Arne Lamberth wrote many orchestrations for the DR Orchestra, amongst which that of the 1959 Danish Eurovision entry ‘Uh-jeg ville ønske jeg var dig’, which, sung by Birthe Wilke and conducted by Kai Mortensen, landed a fifth position in the international final in Cannes. When Mortensen withdrew from the contest after it had been held in Copenhagen in 1964, Arne Lamberth took over as the Danish conductor. He accompanied Birgit Brüel (‘For din skyld’) to Naples in 1965 and Ulla Pia (‘Stop, mens legen er go’) to Luxembourg in the following year. After that, DR decided to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest, only to return in 1978.

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Songs conducted
1965: For din skyld
1966: Stop, mens legen er go