Carsten Klouman

Born: August 21st, 1923, Oslo (Norway)
Died: July 2nd, 2004
Nationality: Norwegian

Carsten Klouman was a pianist in the jazz ensembles String Swing and Syv Muntre; moreover, he formed his own Carsten Klouman Trio (with bassist Frank Cook and percussionist Tore Birkedal). From 1954 onwards, he worked as a musical director at the Chat Noir Revue Theatre in Oslo. He wrote more than 1500 arrangements for the Kringkastingsorkesteret, the Norwegian broadcaster’s Radio Orchestra, and was a conductor in many TV programmes. From 1988 to 1991, he was the president of TONO, the Norwegian Association of Authors, Composers, and Publishers.

In the 1970s, Carsten Klouman conducted five Norwegian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest: ‘Småting’ in 1972 (sung by Grethe Kausland and Benny Borg), ‘It’s just a game’ in 1973 (a song composed by Arne Bendiksen and performed by the Bendik Singers), ‘You touched my life with summer’ in 1975 (by Ellen Nikolaysen), ‘Casanova’ in 1977 (by Anita Skorgan), and, lastly, Jahn Teigen’s legendary nil-points performance of the song ‘Mil etter mil’ in the 1978 contest in Paris. The 1972, 1975, and 1978 were (co-)arranged by Klouman.

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Songs conducted
1972: Småting
1973: It's just a game
1975: Touch my life with summer
1977: Casanova
1978: Mil etter mil