George Keller

Born: February 10th, 1953, Trondheim (Norway)
Nationality: Norwegian

Being somewhat of an infant prodigy, George Keller learnt to play the piano, guitar, and violin at a very tender age. At sixteen, he started his studies at the Trondheim Music Academy, where he graduated in singing as well as the violin. It was not long before he made his mark as a pop singer, releasing four solo albums between 1973 and 1984; the 1974 LP ‘Colours’ was successfully released in several European countries. Meanwhile, in the course of the 1970s and 1980s, he got involved in composing, arranging, and producing music for many Norwegian and Swedish artists, such as Jahn Teigen, Elisabeth Andreasson, Tommy Körberg, Anita Hegerlund, Lava, and Björn Skifs. In 1985, Keller moved to Denmark to become A&R manager of the local branch of EMI. From the mid-1970s onwards, Keller has composed music for films, which has become his main work since the 1990s, writing the soundtracks of ‘A corner of paradise’ (1996), ‘Baby doom’ (1998), and ‘Bertram & Co.’ (2002). He also composed music for Norwegian and Danish television, children’s songs, and advertisement jingles.

George Keller wrote the arrangement to the 1979 Norwegian Eurovision entry ‘Oliver’, sung by Anita Skorgan and conducted by Sigurd Jansen. In 1993, he orchestrated and conducted the Danish entry, ‘Under stjernerne på himlen’, written by Tommy Seebach, who also performed it with his band. This song finished twenty-second amongst twenty-five competing entries, picking up nine points.

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Songs conducted
1993: Under stjernerne på himlen