Daniel Janin

Born: August 12th, 1931, Paris (France)
Died: May 10th, 2010, Cap Ferret (France)
Nationality: French

Daniel Janin (real surname: Jeannin) started his career in music as a vibraphonist in various orchestras in the 1950s. Between 1961 and 1964, he was the conductor of the orchestra of Theatre Olympia, Paris. In Olympia, he often accompanied Jacques Brel, as well as others such as Dalida, Georges Brassens, Marlène Dietrich, and The Beatles. In the second half of the 1960s, he wrote music for television programmes as well as orchestrations for various variety orchestras, such as that of Kurt Edelhagen. In the 1970s, Janin recorded some instrumental funk records under his own name; he lived and worked in Switzerland for a while, being the musical director of Circus KNIE and writing arrangements for the orchestra of the francophone Swiss broadcaster. In the 1990s, he conducted the orchestra in the live TV registrations of the winter circus show ‘Sacrée soirée’.

In 1978, Daniel Janin conducted the Swiss Eurovision Song Contest entry ‘Vivre’, written by Pierre Alain and Alain Morisod and performed by Carole Vinci. Janin had written the orchestration in collaboration with Tony D’Adario. ‘Vivre’ finished 9th (65 points) among twenty participating songs.

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Songs conducted
1978: Vivre