Terje Fjærn

Born: August 25th, 1942, Oslo (Norway)
Died: June 8th, 2016, Oslo (Norway)
Nationality: Norwegian

Terje Fjærn studied the trumpet at the Oslo Music Conservatory. He was an instrumentalists in the orchestras of Kjell Karlsen and Bent Sølves, before he founded an orchestra of his own in 1969, simply called the Terje Fjærn Orchestra; this ensemble included well-known jazz musicians such as Knut Riisnæs and Calle Neumann, and accompanied many artists on stage and in the recording studio (e.g. Benny Borg, Gro Anita Schønn, Inger Lise Rypdal, and Stein Ingebrigtsen. Fjærn was the musical director of many revue and musical performances in Oslo, including the Norwegian version of ‘My fair lady’.

Terje Fjærn conducted two Norwegian Eurovision entries: ‘La det swinge’ by the BobbySocks in 1985 and ‘Mitt liv’ by Kate Gulbrandsen in 1987; both songs were composed and arranged by Rolf Løvland. ‘La det swinge’ was the first Norwegian song ever to win the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1986, when the contest was held in Bergen (Norway), Fjærn assisted musical director Egil Monn-Iversen by writing all orchestrations for the interval music.

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Songs conducted
1985: La det swinge
1987: Mitt liv