Luís Duarte

Born: 1949 or 1950, Lisbon (Portugal)
Nationality: Portuguese

Luís Duarte studied music at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon and became a professional musician at sixteen. As a singer, he participated in the 1969 Scheveningen Festival (Netherlands) and was contracted by Philips. As a bass player, he accompanied the likes of José Afonso and Fausto. He performed in the Hot Clube de Portugal jazz club and frequently on RTP television as well. He wrote orchestrations for songs by Sérgio Godinho and Paco Bandeira. Later, he founded and conducted several choirs. Nowadays, he works as a music teacher.

Luís Duarte arranged and conducted the 1982 and 1989 Portuguese entries, ‘Bem-bom’ and ‘Conquistador’, performed by the groups Doce and Da Vinci respectively. His record in the Portuguese preselections is quite impressive, having taken part as a singing soloist on three occasions (in 1973 with ‘Minha senhora das dores’, in 1988 with ‘Quando o noite se faz certa’, and in 1992 with ‘Un amigo sempre à mão’) and having arranged and conducted many more efforts between 1979 and 1994.

In due course, a more extensive biography of Luís Duarte will be published on this website


Songs conducted
1982: Bem bom
1989: Conquistador