Hermann Weindorf

Born: 1953, Isny im Allgäu (West Germany, nowadays: Germany)
Nationality: German

In the 1980s, Hermann Weindorf was the keyboardist of groups such as Oktagon and Zara-Thustra; moreover, he wrote most of the material that was recorded. He also played the piano in studio sessions with Gitte Hænning, Ricchi & Poveri, and many others. As a composer, arranger, and producer, he worked with many German and Austrian folk artists, e.g. Klostertaler, Hansi Hinterseer, and Anton aus Tirol. He is one of the owners of the Weryton Studios in Munich and specializes in recording string arrangements with the Munich Philharmonic.

Hermann Weindorf conducted three Eurovision entries, the first one being in 1991: ‘Dieser Traum darf niemals sterben’, sung for Germany by Atlantis 2000, a group of which his brother Alfons (also a member of Oktagon) was the main vocalist. Alfons also wrote the song as well as the arrangement. Three years later, Alfons Weindorf again composed and arranged a song which was conducted by Hermann: ‘Für den Frieden der Welt’, the 1994 Austrian entry, performed by Petra Frey. In 1995, finally, Hermann Weindorf co-arranged and conducted ‘Verliebt in Dich’, with which Stone & Stone finished last for Germany.

In due course, a more extensive biography of Hermann Weindorf will be published on this website


Songs conducted
1991: Dieser Traum darf niemals sterben
1994: Für den Frieden der Welt
1995: Verliebt in Dich