Piet Souer

Born: March 29th, 1948, Eindhoven (the Netherlands)
Nationality: Dutch

Piet Souer’s breakthrough as a musician was in 1969, when he accompanied Lenny Kuhr as a guitarist during the performance of her Eurovision winner ‘De troubadour’; with Kuhr, he toured in France and worked with, amongst others, Georges Brassens. From the 1970s onwards, Souer has made his mark as an arranger for (e.g.) Willeke Alberti, Teach In (‘Upside down’), Bonnie St-Claire (‘Dr. Bernard’), Lee Towers, Frans Bauer, Stars on 45, Doris D & The Pins, and Maaike Widdershoven. He composed hit songs such as ‘Trojan horse’ and ‘You’re the greatest lover’ (for LUV), ‘Te veel, te vaak’ (for Liesbeth List), and ‘Why tell me why’ (for Anita Meyer). When Mouth & MacNeal participated in the 1974 Sanremo Festival with ‘Ah! L’amore’, Souer was their arranger and conductor. In 1976, as a guitarist, he recorded the successful album ‘Strings by candlelight’ with arranger/conductor Harry van Hoof. He composed music and jingles for TV programmes and worked on the soundtracks of ‘Black book’, ‘Vincent van Gogh’, and ‘Rembrandt’.

As a composer, arranger, and conductor, Piet Souer participated in many Netherlands Eurovision heats between 1974 and 2000. Songs arranged by Souer include Dutch international final representatives ‘I see a star’ (1974), ‘Colorado’ (1979), ‘Jij en ik’ (1982), and ‘Blijf zoals je bent’ (1989). In 1983, with Martin Duiser, he composed ‘Sing me a song’, which was sung by Bernadette and finished 7th for the Netherlands in Munich; this time, Souer conducted the orchestra himself. In 1996, Piet Souer’s song ‘De eerste keer’, sung by Maxine & Franklin Brown, represented the Netherlands in the contest held in Oslo and came 7th.

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Songs conducted
1983: Sing me a song