Mike Sergeant

Born: 1945, Stirling, Scotland (United Kingdom)
Nationality: British

Scottish-born James Malcolm ‘Mike’ Sergeant played as a guitarist with bands such as The Marmalade and Studio6. From 1969 onwards, he has lived in Portugal, initially working as a guitarist with the bands Quinteto Academico+2 and Objectivo; with the latter, he performed at the 1971 Vilar de Mouros Pop Festival. Later, he became a member of progressive rock band Quarteto 1111. From the late 1970s onwards, Sergeant started performing as a singer as well, with pop groups Green Windows and (1976-’79) Gemini. He arranged songs for many Portuguese artists, most prominently his close friend José Cid, with whom he has worked since the late 1970s and in whose band he still plays today.

Mike Sergeant sang at the 1978 Eurovision Song Contest as a member of the group Gemini, which represented Portugal with their song ‘Dai-li-dou’. Between 1976 and 1998, he wrote the orchestration to 24 (!) songs which participated in the Portuguese Eurovision heats. In 1980, he arranged ‘Um grande, grande amor’ for José Cid; both nationally and internationally, this song was conducted by the musical director of that year’s Portuguese final, Jorge Machado. Three years later, in 1983, Sergeant made his debut as a conductor in the Eurovision Song Contest final, with Armando Gama’s ‘Esta balada que te dou’. In 1998, he conducted the Portuguese entry in the last-ever Eurovision Song Contest with an orchestra present; Alma Lusa’s ‘Se eu te pudesse abraçar’ (written by José Cid) finished twelfth.

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Songs conducted
1983: Esta balada que te dou
1998: Se eu te pudesse abraçar