Ranko Rihtman

Born: 1948, Sarajevo (Yugoslavia, nowadays Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Nationality: Bosnian

In the 1960s, Ranko Rihtman played the organ and piano in several pop bands, such as BURR and Indexi. From the 1970s onwards, he worked as an arranger and conductor for many different artists, e.g. Elda Viler, Zdravko Čolić, Ismeta Dervoz, Kemal Monteno, and the rock group Bijelo Dugme. He often conducted the orchestra in the Vaš Šlager Sezone Festival held in Sarajevo. Currently, Rihtman resides in Israel.

Ranko Rihtman arranged the 1973 Yugoslavian Eurovision Song Contest entry ‘Gori vatra’, composed by Kemal Monteno, sung by Zdravko Čolić, and conducted by Esad Arnautalić. Eight years later, in 1981, when Yugoslavia returned to the contest after a five-year-absence, Rihtman arranged and conducted the song with which Seid Memić-Vajta represented the multi-ethnic state in Dublin. Both entries were entered by the Bosnian broadcaster RTS and finished fifteenth in the international final.

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Songs conducted
1981: Leila