Gianfranco Reverberi

Born: December 12th, 1934, Genoa (Italy)
Nationality: Italian

Having started out as a rock musician, Gianfranco Reverberi gradually discovered his talent for song writing and arranging. Compositions by him were recorded by, amongst many others, Adriano Celentano, Mina, Giorgio Gaber (‘Ciao ti dirò’), and Enzo Jannacci. Reverberi is best-known for the many scores he wrote to spaghetti westerns, including ‘Via Django!’ (1968); some samples, as well as parts of the melody and chord structure of one song from this film, ‘Last man standing’, which Reverberi had composed together with his brother Giampiero, were used by Gnarls Barkley for their hit record ‘Crazy’ in 2006. Gianfranco Reverberi took part as a conductor in seven consecutive Sanremo Festivals between 1968 and 1974.

In 1972, Nicola Di Bari won the Sanremo Festival with ‘I giorni dell’arcobaleno’, a highly original song written by Di Bari himself in collaboration with co-composer and arranger Piero Pintucci and lyricist Dalmazio Masini. Pintucci conducted the Sanremo orchestra during the winning performance. Subsequently, Di Bari represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest in Edinburgh with the same song, which was slightly rearranged and conducted by Gianfranco Reverberi, who, at that time, was Di Bari’s producer. With ‘I giorni di arcobaleno’, Italy finished sixth among eighteen competing countries.

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Songs conducted
1972: I giorni dell' arcobaleno