Aydın Özarı

Born: March 22nd, 1939, Istanbul (Turkey)
Nationality: Turkish

Jazz musician Aydin Özarı was a trumpeter and an arranger in the orchestras of Fehmi Ege and Kemal Gülesoğlu. He also played in the Ibrahim Solmaz Septet and the Üstün Poyaraz Set. Özarı lived and worked in Western Europe (Switzerland, West Germany, Scandinavia) for many years, playing in the Pete Cole Combo, the Swing Faces Jazz Group, and the Lex Leicht Septet. Subsequently, he was an arranger and teacher with the Mainzer Altstadt Musikanten society. Upon his return to Turkey, he joined the TRT Jazz Orchestra in Istanbul. He composed and arranged hundreds of pieces for this ensemble.

Aydin Özarı composed and arranged the Turkish entry for the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. Aylin Vatankoş performed the ballad ‘Yaz bitti’, which, in spite of the striking brass arrangement, only finished nineteenth.

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Songs conducted
1992: Yaz bitti