Carlos Alberto Moniz

Born: August 2nd, 1948, Terceira Island, Azores (Portugal)
Nationality: Portuguese

Carlos Alberto Moniz started his career as a singer in the late 1960s. He was a member of various groups, including Improviso, Outubro, and SARL (with Pedro Osório and Samuel). As an instrumentalist and arranger, he worked on studio recordings with artists such as Carlos do Carmo, Tony de Matos, José Afonso, and Ary dos Santos. He composed music for films and television as well as commercials. In 1991, Moniz represented Portugal as a singer at the Corfu Festival. He has been a presenter of radio and television programmes for many years. A CD called ‘Clássicos Açorianos’, a collection of traditional Azores folk songs, was produced by him, showing his devotion to the heritage of the archipelago where he was born. Carlos Alberto Moniz is the father of Lúcia Moniz (1976-), actress and singer, who represented Portugal in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest with ‘O meu coração não tem cor’, composed and conducted by Pedro Osório.

Carlos Alberto Moniz participated in the Portuguese Eurovision preselection as a singer (member of Improviso and SARL; in duets with Maria do Amparo; and solo in 1986) on multiple occasions. Between 1979 and 1996, he composed, arranged, and conducted many other entries. He represented Portugal twice as a conductor in the international festival: in 1990 with Nucha and ‘Há sempre alguém’ and two years later with Dina and ‘Amor d’água fresca’. On both occasions, he wrote the arrangement in cooperation with Luis Filipe.

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Songs conducted
1990: Há sempre alguém
1992: Amor d'água fresca