Natale Massara

Born: December 23rd, 1942, Oleggio (Italy)
Nationality: Italian

From the late 1960s onwards, the name of Natale Massara (full name: Pier Natale Massara) can be found as an arranger of studio recordings by pop artists, including Mia Martini, Adriano Celentano, and Milva. Between 1969 and 1977, he conducted in seven editions of the Sanremo Festival with artists such as Wilma Goich and Donatella Rettore; with the latter, he worked as an arranger throughout the 1970s. Massara arranged and conducted many film scores, often composed by Pino Donaggio. Moreover, Massara wrote the music to TV programmes, including the miniseries ‘Alta società’ (1995) and ‘La memoria e il perdono’ (2001).

Natale Massara conducted the 1975 Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, ‘Era’. It was written by Andrea Lo Vecchio and composed by London born Shel Shapiro, who wrote the orchestration together with Massara. The singing duo Wess & Dori Ghezzi managed to earn a third place with this song.

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Songs conducted
1975: Era