Mischa W. Krausz

Born: October 2nd, 1954, Afritz (Austria)
Nationality: Austrian

Mischa Krausz studied the violoncello at the Vienna Conservatory, but later changed to bass guitar; he graduated in 1980. Later, he followed orchestration courses at the Berklee College of Music, Boston Mass. From 1982 onwards, he has worked as a producer and arranger for jazz and pop singers, most prominently Maria Bill, Etta Scollo, and – much later – Andreas Lukas. Krausz played the bass for an incredible number of well-known artists from Austria, such as André Heller, Wilfried, Peter Cornelius, Sigi Maron, Peter Wolf, Stefanie Werger, Christian Kolonovits, and Etta Scollo; moreover, he co-composed several songs for Maron. Besides his work as a teacher at the Wiener Neustadt Conservatory, since the early 1990s, Krausz has focused on composing film soundtracks (e.g. ‘Averills Ankommen’, for which he won the Golden Award for best foreign movie score at the Houston Film Festival in 1994) and music for German and Austrian TV series, including ‘Julia, eine ungewöhnliche Frau’ and ‘Der Winzerkönig’. Moreover, he has been involved in composing music for stage shows.

In 1995, Mischa Krausz composed the Austrian Eurovision entry ‘Die Welt dreht sich verkehrt’; he also wrote the lyrics – in collaboration with Sigi Maron and Fritz Nussböck, artists who were known for their politically outspoken songs and did not want to be associated with the contest at that time – therefore, they chose to use the pseudonyms S. Fied and F. Beck. To Krausz’ studio arrangement strings were added by Michael F. Kienzl, who conducted the orchestra. Stella Jones performed the song and finished thirteenth in the international final in Dublin. One year later, Krausz teamed up with blind singer George Nussbaumer, composing a gospel song in the Vorarlberg dialect, the highly original ‘Weil’s da guat got’. In the contest in Oslo, Krausz himself conducted the orchestra and Nussbaumer reached a tenth spot.

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Songs conducted
1996: Weil's da guat got