Christian Kolonovits

Born: February 25th, 1952, Rechnitz (Austria)
Nationality: Austrian

Christian Kolonovits studied the piano, the violoncello, as well as conducting and composition at the Vienna Music Academy. In the 1970s, he rapidly made a name for himself as an appreciated composer and arranger of pop music. He composed the Waterloo & Robinson hit single ‘Waterloo’ (1974) and worked with artists such as Boney M., Peter Cornelius, and Wolfgang Ambros. In the 1980s, he worked with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra on a pop music project and wrote film music. He recorded music with international artists such as Helmut Lotti, Sarah Brightman, Domingo-Carreras-Pavarotti, and Albano Carrisi. In 2009, his pop opera ‘Antonia und der Reißteufel’ premiered in the Wiener Volksoper.

On four occasions, Christian Kolonovits participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for Austria – in various capacities: musician, composer, arranger, and conductor. As a twenty-year-old, Christian Kolonovits performed on the Eurovision stage as the pianist of the group Milestones, which won a fifth place with their sophisticated song ‘Falter im Wind’. In 1976, he wrote the original arrangement to ‘My little world’, with which Waterloo & Robinson represented the Alpine nation in the contest in The Hague. One year later, in 1977, Kolonovits helped the group Schmetterlinge by arranging and conducting their song ‘Boom boom boomerang’, which finished 17th. In 1993, he participated in the contest as the composer and conductor of ‘Maria Magdalena’, an up-beat pop song which was interpreted by Tony Wegas, who finished 14th with it.

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Songs conducted
1977: Boom boom boomerang
1993: Maria Magdalena