Wolfgang Käfer

Born: 1939, Czechoslovakia
Nationality: Danish

Wolfgang Käfer is a Danish jazz musician, arranger, and composer of Czech descent. He wrote jingles for TV stations such as Eurosport, CNN, and MTV. As an arranger, he worked with pop singers, including Stig Rossen, Kaare Norge, Lene Siel, and Michela Petri. He composed soundtracks (e.g. ‘Apollo 13’, ‘Letter to Brezhnev’) and often recorded with the Prague Symphony Orchestra. In 1984, he co-composed ‘Four Suites, a jazz pop crossover project, in collaboration with Ib Glindemann and Kim Holst.

Wolfgang Käfer arranged and conducted the 1985 Danish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, ‘Sku’ du spørg fra no’en’, which was performed by Kirsten & Søren, otherwise known as Hot Eyes. In Gothenburg, this song finished 11th, making it the least successful of the three participations of Hot Eyes and of four songs composed for the contest by Søren Bundgaard between 1984 and 1989.

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Songs conducted
1985: Sku' du spørg' fra no'en