Ramón Arcusa

Born: December 10th, 1936, Barcelona (Spain)
Nationality: Spanish

Between 1958 and 1972, Ramón Arcusa (in full: Ramón Arcusa Alcón) formed the pop group Dúo Dinámico with Manuel de la Calva. Throughout the 1960s, the duo was immensely popular with hits such as ‘Bailando el twist’ and ‘Amor de verano’. Together, they won the Festival de la Canción del Mediterraneo and the Festival de la Costa Verde, and placed second in two editions of the Festival de Benidorm. From the 1970s onwards, Arcusa has focused on song writing and producing for artists such as Julio Iglesias and Nino Bravo – often in collaboration with De la Calva. Nowadays, Arcusa lives in Miami.

In 1968, Arcusa and De la Calva together penned Spain’s first Eurovision winner, ‘La, la, la’, which was sung by Massiel. Four years later, in 1972, Arcusa wrote the lyrics to Augusto Algueró’s composition ‘Amanece’, with which Jaime Morey represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest in Edinburgh. In 1978, Arcusa and De la Calva teamed up once again and wrote ‘Bailemos un vals’ for José Vélez. This merry Spanish entry was arranged and conducted by Arcusa himself.

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Songs conducted
1978: Bailemos un vals