Francis Goya

Born: May 16th, 1946, Liège (Belgium)
Nationality: Belgian

In the 1960s, guitarist Francis Goya (pseudonym of Francis Weyer) was a member of several rock and soul bands, such as Liberty Six, Kleptomania, and the J.J. Band. In the next decennium, he changed musical styles completely, opting for romantic instrumental guitar melodies. In 1975, he recorded ‘Nostalgia’, an instrumental composition by his father, with which Goya scored a number-one-hit in West Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, and Brazil. In the 1980s, he worked as a producer for several artists from the Netherlands, including Benny Neyman and Lenny Kuhr; later, he produced an album for Flemish singer Willy Sommers. Meanwhile, Goya has kept on releasing material himself, including albums with Richard Clayderman and Bolivian singer Carmina Cabrera; for ‘Bahia lady’, recorded with Cabrera in 1990, Goya was awarded an Edison Award in the Netherlands.

As a guitarist, Francis Goya accompanied Linda Williams on stage in the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, where she represented the Netherlands with ‘Het is een wonder’. Twice, Goya was commissioned by RTL to conduct the Luxembourg entry in the contest, ‘Un baiser volé’, performed by Sarah Bray in 1991, and ‘Donne-moi une chance’, performed by Modern Times in 1993. For both songs, Goya worked with composer Patrick Hippert and arranger Bernard Wrincq. ‘Donne-moi une chance’ is the last Luxembourg participating entry in the contest to date.

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Songs conducted
1991: Un baiser volé
1993: Donne-moi une chance